Capri life


Our honeymoon trip to the island of Capri seems like such a long time ago now, but I often find myself thinking about it when I need a little sunny thought or a bit of inspiration.

We visited Capri on a day trip from Sorrento. The ferry takes about an hour, and rolls gently over the Tyrrhenian Sea before the island’s rocky peaks loom into view. You dock at the bustling harbour, filled with hoards of arriving tourists and day-trippers.



We headed straight for the funicular, which in a few short minutes hauls you up the steep path from the harbour into the heart of Capri town.  We stopped at a cafe in the main square (“la Piazzetta”), enjoying a Caprese salad (I know, I know… but how could you not!), chilled mineral water, and a bit of people-watching to restore our energy for an afternoon of exploring the island.

Capri is like a fantasy world. It is one of the most evocative, intoxicating places I have ever been. It is like a world where mundane, real-life concerns don’t exist. Villas gleam on the lush green hillsides, walkways run through perfectly manicured gardens, and the streets in the town are lined with high-end designer stores. It is like a total escape from the real world, geographically, psychologically, completely.

But of course all fantasies must come to an end and after a lazy day of wandering, exploring and consuming copious amounts of lemon granita we sadly had return to the harbour to board our ferry back to the mainland. Oh well, the pasta and wine which awaited us in Sorrento made up for it a little!












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