How to get married

Step 1: Discover, quite by accident, that the watermill at Houghton in Cambridgeshire, where you often go for Sunday afternoon walks, is a licensed venue.


Step 2: Decorate the mill with fairy lights, ribbons and bunting.


Step 3: Wear bright orange heels. Always.


(…but take them off as soon as you can get away with it.)

Step 4: Hire tipis (try Cambridge Tipi Company!). Put them up in your mother-in-law’s field. Get all your friends and family to help decorate them with bunting, lights, jars of flowers, sheepskin rugs, a 3 piece suite (try Anthology Vintage Hire!)…


…cut your initials out of huge pieces of MDF and paint them bright yellow!


Step 5: Drive in your own car together from the mill to the tipis, with the roof down, Suede’s ‘New Generation’ turned up loud.

Step 6: Eat an amazing 4 course meal, entirely meat-free, lots of halloumi (try Tom’s Kitchen!), and an excellent selection of wine (if I may say so myself – I had a bit of help from the ever brilliant Majestic!).

Step 7: Make a speech. If you need a hand on the content, try Louis Jenkins.


Step 8: Pause, and step outside to watch the sunset over the fields.


Step 9: Get the village pub to pop up the hill with some booze and run a bar. Feel amazed that almost the entire population of the village, and indeed much of the surrounding area, are now in the field. Try some ramshackle country dancing. Then grab assorted favourite people and put the dance floor to good use.


Step 10: One last look before rolling back across the field to bed…


{All photos by my dad, Graham Fellows}


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