Not Going Out


The Christmas festivities are drawing to a close and it’s back to normality this week. The past week and a bit have provided a wonderful bit of space to breathe and think, relax and enjoy.

Christmas this year began in Cambridgeshire, with the log burner blazing in the farmhouse and mulled wine on the stove. A frenetic Christmas Day with Mark’s family in St Ives (is Christmas with young children ever anything but frenetic?), Mark and I making a brief escape for a quiet walk as dusk fell. Boxing Day calm, and a walk through the village.

Then it was on to Bristol for the tail end, to see my family, to hang out on Gloucester Road and Stokes Croft, relax and write.

On New Year’s Eve I taught my mum how to make sweet potato chips, we all watched Star Wars, then toasted in the New Year with Champagne and the fireworks on the television. A quiet one really, but it’s how I like it. I’m not one for going out at the best of times.

Today I am on the sofa enjoying a final few hours of peace before the new year really kicks in. 2015 was a tough one, but I’m staying optimistic for the future months…


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